FFC Cathedral Education Services

We are a small group of Education Consultants in Calgary, Alberta. We pride ourselves in our holistic student focus, and commitment to providing a quality educational service based on Conceptual Learning.

We foster an atmosphere of respect. Our tutors and consultants have the academic backgrounds but also possess the necessary intellectual humility and high level of maturity for students to feel comfortable and thrive.

What We Do

- Collaborate with interdisciplinary professionals of different backgrounds.

- Work closely with parents, teachers and tutors towards the implementation of education solutions that improve learning outcomes. We assist from assessment, planning, and provision of reports cards.

- Address two separate strategies:

          (1) short term focus on selected topics for immediate success, and

          (2) plan long term strategies that enforce Conceptual Understanding.

- Provide training, seminars, workshops and other educational opportunities within assigned programs.

- Provide paper and electronic versions of learning materials. This includes textbooks, worksheet and customized eLearning systems.


We are effective communicators with strong organizational skills, and have the ability to relay or explain complex and difficult concepts.